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This trophy, previously known as the "Club supporter of the year Award", was renamed in in 2005 to honour Annette and Alan Richards and recognize the outstanding support they have given and continue to give.

1982    Eric Arnold                                          1983    ‘Faz’ Fazackerley       

1984    ‘Tommy’ Wilson                                  1985    ‘Skipper’ Cook Sen    

1986    R ‘Bert’ Curtis                                      1987    ‘Norm’ Brennan

1988    Gordon Summers                               1990    Wayne and Cathy Silver

1991    Jean Gordon                                       1992    Robbie Howell

1993    Alan and Annette Richards                 1994    Kevin and Jeanette Dennison

1995    Neil Free                                             1996    Ann Glover and Rodney Howe

1997    Helen Moore                                       1998    Cliff Swan

1999    Terry and Stella Cooney                     2000    Adrienne and Keith Baldock

2001    Mal Hodge                                          2002    Wendy Joseph and Evelyn Wickham

2003    Terry and Betty Burr                           2004    Dot and Max Webster

2005    Ian Bosworth                                       2006    Archer Family

2007    Paul Kelly                                            2008    Kim Farrow

2009    Russell Allie                                         2010    Michael Holloway

2011    Randall and Wendy Castle                  2012    Amanda Watkins

2013   Conrad Lawson                                    2014    Wendy Joseph, Evelyn Wickham and Helen Moore

2015   Joyce Roach                                        2016    Michael Hope